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Enthusiastic researchers help us spread the word across the globe. This page shows the presentations, workshops, webinars, and other events they have organized. If you are interested in organizing such an event in your area, please post it here. Times are displayed relative to the location of the event, check your local time zone.

Start End Institution Location Speaker Description
24 Dec, 2014
11:00 (GMT +2.0)
12:00 (GMT +2.0) Faculty of Medicine - Menoufia University Shebin Al-Kom, Egypt Mohamed Alaa Workshop for Bachelor's students. This is part of the course (Research For Interns 2014) organized by Student Research Unit.
29 Dec, 2014
8:00 (GMT +8.0)
17:00 (GMT +8.0) Merlimau Polytechnic, Melaka, Malacca Merlimau, Malaysia mohd noramdzan Intro to Mendeley Demo, Workshop for Librarians, Bachelor's students, PhD researchers.
12 Jan, 2015
10:00 (GMT -5.0)
14:00 (GMT -5.0) New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) Concord, NH, United Sates Aaron Flint Intro to Mendeley Demo, Orientation for Librarians, Professors.
20 Jan, 2015
10:00 (GMT +7.0)
12:00 (GMT +7.0) Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telematika (ST3) Telkom Purwokerto Jawa Tengah, Indonesia Jaenal Arifin Intro to Mendeley Demo, workshop for Librarians, Bachelor's students.
20 Jan, 2015
15:00 (GMT)
20:00 (GMT) Campus Ciencias de la Salud - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Alcorcón, Spain Juan A Lopez-Rodriguez Intro to Mendeley Demo, Workshop for Bachelor's students, Master's students, PhD researchers. ORGANIZANDO LA INVESTIGACIÓN: Gestores Bibliográficos. Mendeley . PROGRAMA: 5 horas Dirigido a Médicos de Familia, residentes, estudiantes de ciencias de la salud y cualquier persona interesada en la investigación y la organización del conocimiento y las referencias bibliográficas. DIA 1: 15:00 – 20:00 horas 1. Búsqueda de información científica. Importancia de la organización estructurada. Gestores de referencias bibliográficas. 2. Comparación de gestores de referencias. Eligiendo uno: Mendeley 3. Conocimiento teórico y práctico de Mendeley: Escribiendo un artículo de forma asistida y bibliografía automática.
5 Feb, 2015
10:00 (GMT -2.0)
11:00 (GMT -2.0) Unifal Alfenas, Brazil Ibere Machado Workshop for Bachelor's students, Master's students, Professional researchers, Professors. This event will be part of a course on herpetofauna of Minas Gerais. The inclusion of a lecture on the Mendeley aims to teach the public to become an advanced user of the program.
12 Mar, 2015
9:00 (GMT -3.0)
12:00 (GMT -3.0) UMESP - Universidade Metodista de São Paulo São Bernardo do Campo - SP- Brasil José Alberto Carvalho ... Intro to Mendeley Demo, Workshop for Master's students, PhD researchers, Professors.
5 Oct, 2015
8:00 (GMT +3.0)
11:00 (GMT +3.0) University of Bahrain Crown Plazza Hotel, Manamah Ali Zolait The Fifth International Conference on e-learning "Cognitively informed technology for Advisors, Librarians, Master's students, PhD researchers, Professional researchers, Professors, Member(s) of the Institutional board