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Cotonou, Benin

Research field: Biological Sciences
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Journal Article

S. Salack, B. Sultan, P. Oettli, B. Muller, AT. Gaye, F. Hourdin (2012) Représentation de la pluie dans les modèles régionaux de climat et application à l’estimation des rendements du mil au Sénégal, 14-23. In Secheresse.
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Mamadou Cissoko, Arnaud Boisnard, Jonne Rodenburg, Malcolm C MC Press, JD Julie D Scholes (2011) New Rice for Africa (NERICA) cultivars exhibit different levels of post-attachment resistance against the parasitic weeds Striga hermonthica and Striga asiatica, 952-963. In New Phytologist 192 (192).
Susumu S. Abe, Yoshinori Watanabe, Taisuke Onishi, Takashi Kotegawa, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki (2011) Nutrient storage in termite ( Macrotermes bellicosus ) mounds and the implications for nutrient dynamics in a tropical savanna Ultisol, 786-795. In Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 57 (6).
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Jonne Rodenburg, N Zossou, G Gbehounou, Adam Ahanchede, Amadou Touré, Gerald Kyalo, Paul Kiepe, Norliette Zossou-kouderin, Gualbert Gbèhounou (2011) Rhamphicarpa fistulosa, a parasitic weed threatening rain-fed lowland rice production in sub-Saharan Africa - A case study from Benin, 1306-1314. In Crop Protection.
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