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Halldór Pálsson profile photo

Halldór Pálsson, Ph.D.'s Publications

Associate Professor , University of Iceland
Reykjavík, Iceland

Research field: Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Heat exchangers
Computational fluid mechanics
Geothermal energy

Journal Article

Maria Gudjonsdottir, Halldor Palsson, Jonas Eliasson, Gudrun Saevarsdottir (2015) Calculation of relative permeabilities of water and steam from laboratory measurements, 396-405. In Geothermics.
Steindór Hjartarson, Guðrún Sævarsdóttir, Kristinn Ingason, Bjarni Pálsson, William S. Harvey, Halldór Pálsson (2014) Utilization of the chloride bearing, superheated steam from IDDP-1, 83-89. In Geothermics.
Saeid Jalilinasrabady, Halldor Palsson, Gudrun Saevarsdottir, Ryuichi Itoi, Pall Valdimarsson (2013) Experimental and CFD simulation of heat efficiency improvement in geothermal spas, 124-134. In Energy.
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Halldór Pálsson, François Beaubert, Sylvain Lalot (2013) Inducing Swirling Flow in Heat Exchanger Pipes for Reduced Fouling Rate, 761-768. In Heat Transfer Engineering 34 (8-9).
Björn Margeirsson, Halldór Pálsson, Viktor Popov, Radovan Gospavic, Sigurjón Arason, Kolbrún Sveinsdóttir, Magnús Þór Jónsson (2012) Numerical modelling of temperature fluctuations in superchilled fish loins packaged in expanded polystyrene and stored at dynamic temperature conditions, 1318-1326. In International Journal of Refrigeration.
Björn Margeirsson, Halldór Pálsson, Radovan Gospavic, Viktor Popov, Magnús þór Jónsson, Sigurjón Arason (2012) Numerical modelling of temperature fluctuations of chilled and superchilled cod fillets packaged in expanded polystyrene boxes stored on pallets under dynamic temperature conditions, 87-99. In Journal of Food Engineering 113 (1).
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Björn Margeirsson, Hélène L. Lauzon, Halldór Pálsson, Viktor Popov, Radovan Gospavic, Magnús Þór Jónsson, Sjöfn Sigurgísladóttir, Sigurjón Arason (2012) Temperature fluctuations and quality deterioration of chilled cod (Gadus morhua) fillets packaged in different boxes stored on pallets under dynamic temperature conditions, 187-201. In International Journal of Refrigeration.
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Guillaume Mercere, Halldor Palsson, Thierry Poinot (2011) Continuous-Time Linear Parameter-Varying Identification of a Cross Flow Heat Exchanger: A Local Approach, 64-76. In IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 19 (1).
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Bjorn Margeirsson, Radovan Gospavic, Halldor Palsson, Sigurjon Arason, Viktor Popov (2011) Experimental and numerical modelling comparison of thermal performance of expanded polystyrene and corrugated plastic packaging for fresh fish, 573-585. In International Journal of Refrigeration.
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Sylvain Lalot, Halldor Palsson (2010) Detection of fouling in a cross-flow heat exchanger using a neural network based technique, 675-679. In International Journal of Thermal Sciences 49 (4).
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Benedikt Helgason, Halldor Palsson, Thomas Philip Runarsson, Laurent Frossard, Marco Viceconti (2009) Risk of failure during gait for direct skeletal attachment of a femoral prosthesis: a finite element study., 595-600. In Medical engineering & physics 31 (5).
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Benedikt Helgason, Fulvia Taddei, Halldor Palsson, Enrico Schileo, Luca Cristofolini, Marco Viceconti, Sigurdur Brynjolfsson (2008) A modified method for assigning material properties to FE models of bones., 444-53. In Medical engineering & physics 30 (4).
Fjola Jonsdottir, Eggert Throstur Thorarinsson, Halldor Palsson, K.H. Gudmundsson (2008) Influence of Parameter Variations on the Braking Torque of a Magnetorheological Prosthetic Knee, 659-667. In Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 20 (6).
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Gudrun A Saevarsdottir, Halldor Palsson, Magnus Thor Jonsson, Jon Arne Bakken (2006) Electrode erosion due to high-current electric arcs in silicon and ferrosilicon furnaces, 385-391. In Steel research international 77 (6).
Helge V Larsen, Halldor Palsson, Benny Bohm, Hans F Ravn (2002) Aggregated dynamic simulation model of district heating networks, 995-1019. In Energy Conversion and Management 43 (8).
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Helge V Larsen, Hans F Ravn, Halldor Palsson (1998) Probabilistic Production Simulation Including Combined Heat and Power Plants, 45-56. In Electric Power Systems Research 48 (1).