Productivity tips from the world’s greatest scientific minds

Ten ScientistsWe’ve all had days in research where we’ve encountered an epic productivity fail. It leaves us asking — is there a better way to organise and plan our time? In this summary article, we find out how the world’s leading scientists ensure they make the most out of the day. We also delve into the daily routines of famous scientists, from Einstein to Darwin, to reveal the potential secrets of their incredible output.


Working in research involves carving out new hypotheses, finding direction, implementing experiments and extracting meaningful conclusions. During this process, it’s common to reach mental roadblocks, or feel we haven’t progressed as much as we would like, on any given day. Our natural drive for pushing boundaries often seems at loggerheads with the pace of advancement.

So how have the world’s brightest scientific minds handled these challenges to achieve so much?

We take a look, with tips and advice in the two following articles.

Inventing the perfect day: daily routines of famous scientists

What’s the most productive way to structure your daily routine? Is it better to start early or work late into the night? Work steadily through the day or take lots of breaks? Here’s how some of the great scientific minds planned their days:

Think like Tesla, experiment like Edison: Productivity tips from 10 famous scientists

What are the secrets to getting the most out of your work? How can you spend your time as productively as possible? How can you find solutions to your problems more efficiently? Follow in the footsteps of these great scientists, whose work has helped and is helping unlock the secrets of the universe, and see their advice on getting things done.


There are diverse routines and productivity hacks that have been employed by the world’s most productive and celebrated scientists.  Most have done what comes naturally to them to find their optimal daily routine, experimented to find what’s best. So whether it’s Einstein-style power naps, Darwin and Tesla-inspired walks or socialising like Hawking, find the formula that suits you. 

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