About The Company

TechGig is a culmination of everything related to technology. TechGig is, a platform exclusively for IT professionals to synergize, share, exchange ideas, facts and information as well as showcase their work and express their views on the vast repertoire that the IT industry encompasses. Garnering cutting-edge insights, jobs, reviews and news, as well as providing a platform for connecting with colleagues and peers are the mainstay of TechGig.

TechGig is part of Times Business Solutions (A Division of Times Internet Limited) which is the "life interactive" arm of The Times of India Group. TBS believes in the power of internet and seeks to harness the impact that internet can create by providing global internet users innovative platforms for support and assistance in every aspect of their lives. TechGig believes in empowering the IT community to reach newer heights.


Our Vision

India is known for its sharpest IT minds, individuals who are constantly creating technology and experimenting with it. These tech-savvy individuals are disrupting the status quo and creative innovative technologies and solutions to make our lives better. At TechGig, we realize that the next generation of achievers in the technology space will need a dedicated platform where they can learn, share, re-learn, share professional experiences and grow in the process.

Our vision is to become the largest and most active community of Indian IT professionals. Our achievements point to the fact that we are inching closer to realizing this vision. The 2017 edition of "TechGig Code Gladiators” made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Programming Event. TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 garnered 81,641 unique submissions, thereby breaking the previous World Record of 30,634 entrants set by China’s Baidu Online Network Technology. We are all for diversity and our women-focussed annual coding festival "TechGig Geek Goddess” is testament to the fact that when provided a platform, women in technology are second to none.



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