Post-doc researcher

Benevento, Italy
€20000 gross salary
Oct 08, 2017
Nov 23, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
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Title: Development of porous materials with electrical conducibility controlled by the magnetic field. It is requested legal residence or birth in Regione Campania (Italy).


Description: The research is aimed to develop a new class of porous, lightweight and composite multifunctional materials, whose electrical conductivity properties are controllable by an applied magnetic field.

The porous materials consist of magnetic and conductive particles, micro- or nano-metric, distributed in a controlled manner in the polymer matrix during its expansion. The presence of the magnetic field during foam formation is a key factor in imparting tailored electrical performances to the material.

Moreover, the magnetic field may be used to control the electro-mechanical characteristics during material service, resulting in a contactless controllable electro-mechanical coupling: this functionality can be exploited for sensing and "contact-less" control applications.


Job profile: The candidates must have a PhD in Industrial/Chemical/Electrical Engineering. The ideal candidate is familiar with experimental procedures and standard Industrial-Electrical laboratory equipments. Moreover, knowledge of programming tools are welcome (Matlab, CADs, Labview for example). Genuine motivations to highly rewarding hard research working will be evaluated during candidates selection.

It is requested that candidates have established legal residence or are born in Regione Campania.

Locations: The research activities are located in Benevento (University of Sannio), a quite, nice and highly cultural city located in the middle of the hills-looking inside of Campania region and sometimes in Portici (National Council Research center).