Post Doc - Protection of the intestinal stem cells: the cell, the niche and the microenvironment

Paris, France
Nov 30, 2017
Dec 30, 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Job Type
Research project
We are seeking a creative postdoctoral scientist, with good team-working abilities, interested in intestinal stem cell biology.
The aim of our group is to understand the factors regulating the rapid turnover of the intestinal epithelium also involved in intestinal tumorigenesis. Our experimental approach relies on a combination of mouse genetics, biopsies of patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) and organoids culture.
The recruited postdoc will be in charge of a project to study mechanisms involved in the protection of intestinal stem cells. In particular he/she will address how intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms including the gut microbiota, the immune system and the niche protect the intestinal stem cells.
The candidate should be able to conduct his/her research independently. Applicants must have a strong background (technical autonomy required) in intestinal physiopathology. The candidate must be highly competent in mouse experiments, as the project includes the maintenance of various mouse lines. Research experience in histology, organoids, flow cytometry would be an advantage. Solid track record is also mandatory.

Selected recent publications of the team
Levy J, Cacheux W, Bara MA, L'Hermitte A, Lepage P, Fraudeau M, Trentesaux C, Lemarchand J, Durand A, Crain AM, Marchiol C, Renault G, Dumont F, Letourneur F, Delacre M, Schmitt A, Terris B, Perret C, Chamaillard M, Couty JP, Romagnolo B. Intestinal inhibition of Atg7 prevents tumour initiation through a microbiome-influenced immune response and suppresses tumour growth. Nat Cell Biol 2015;17:1062-73.
Durand A, Donahue B, Peignon G, Letourneur F, Cagnard N, Slomianny C, Perret C, Shroyer NF, Romagnolo B. Functional intestinal stem cells after Paneth cell ablation induced by the loss of transcription factor Math1 (Atoh1). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012;109:8965-70.
Peignon G, Durand A, Cacheux W, Ayrault O, Terris B, Laurent-Puig P, Shroyer NF, Van Seuningen I, Honjo T, Perret C, Romagnolo B. Complex interplay between beta-catenin signalling and Notch effectors in intestinal tumorigenesis. Gut 2011;60:166-76.
Team "Intestinal epithelial cell proliferation in physiology and cancer " is part of the " Development,
Reproduction and Cancer department " of the Institut Cochin located in the center of Paris, 24 rue du
Faubourg Saint Jacques- 75014 Paris, France.

Institut Cochin is one of the biggest biomedical French Research Center located in the center of Paris that provides
a multidisciplinary scientific environment and very efficient core-facilities.

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Financial support
Funding: ANR
Beginning: January 2018
Length of contract: 2 years
Organization: INSERM
Application process
Applicants should send their CV, letter of motivation and name of 2 references.
Email :
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