Environmental Graphic Designer - Senior

New York
May 18, 2018
May 31, 2018
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Environmental Graphic Designer - Senior Location: New York, NY, US Description
Environmental Graphic Designer (Senior)

Studio Profile:
Gensler’s Brand Design studio is a collaborative team of designers, strategists, and storytellers that engages with a wide variety of clients on projects of all sizes. As Gensler brand designers, we help our clients tell their unique stories effectively via every channel available in today’s diverse media landscape. Our approach combines design and architectural expertise with a unique point of view and strong communication skills. We believe that this approach results in brands that build trust, inspire confidence, and forge lasting relationships.

Your Role:
This role is not only a hands-on designer, but also a project leader, thinker, design advocate and client relationship steward for projects and relationship-building shared across our region. You must love to push new ideas, be passionate about design and get excited about managing extremely diverse projects and working with some extremely talented creative leaders. The Environmental Graphic Designer will be responsible for design and collaboration with fast-paced interdisciplinary teams of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, illustrators, digital designers and more to deliver projects ranging from complex signage & wayfinding to digitally integrated experience centers. The Environmental Graphic Designer will demonstrate exceptional vision, oversee projects from conception to completion, and ensure successful project outcomes. The Environmental Graphic Designer will deliver creative solutions in a diverse range of markets including aviation, education, entertainment, hospitality, retail, sports, and workplace.

Your Qualifications:
  • Minimum 8 years of environmental graphic experience with a professional degree in Graphic Design or a related field
  • Exceptional design sense - adept at developing creative up-front design concepts as well as having technical working knowledge in preparing final documentation and artwork for environmental graphic design
  • Excellent communication skills and experience as the main point of contact for clients, vendors, consultants, and project teams
  • Ability to participate in complex, multifaceted projects while exhibiting financial stewardship and adhering to demanding project schedules
  • Ability to work closely with design leadership across Gensler to promote an interdisciplinary design philosophy and to facilitate its advancement both inside and outside of the firm
  • Desire to develop, motivate and mentor young design professionals
  • Demonstrated success building, nurturing, and sustaining client relationships

Please note you must submit a portfolio of your work to be considered for this position.

Life at Gensler

At Gensler, we are as committed to enjoying life as we are to delivering best-in-class design. From curated art exhibits to internal design competitions and hackathons, to “Well-being Week,” our offices reflect our teams’ diverse interests.

We encourage our employees to lead a healthy and balanced life. Our comprehensive benefits include medical, dental, vision, disability, wellness programs, flex spending, paid holidays and paid time off. We also offer a 401k, profit sharing, employee stock ownership and twice annual bonus opportunities.

As part of the firm’s commitment to licensure and professional development, Gensler offers reimbursement for certain professional licenses and associated renewals and exam fees. In addition, we reimburse tuition for certain eligible programs or classes. We view our professional development programs as strategic investments in our future.

Gensler is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participant in the U.S. Federal E-Verify program. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans are encouraged to apply.