PhD Studentship: Tailorable Nanocomposite-Coated Porous Materials: Influence of Template Material a

Southampton, United Kingdom
Mar 09, 2017
Mar 09, 2018
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Full Time
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PhD / Doctoral
PhD Studentship: Tailorable Nanocomposite-Coated Porous Materials: Influence of Template Material and Architecture.

Engineering & the Environment

Location: Highfield Campus

Closing Date:  Friday 09 March 2018

Reference: 849417F2

Project Reference: EngSci-MATS-150

Microstructured porous materials, such as foams and lattices, exhibit unique properties including low density, high specific mechanical properties, and interconnected pore space, making them suitable for applications ranging from lightweight structures to engineered tissue scaffolds. The ability to tailor the composition, structure, and properties of porous materials in order to match a specific set of functional requirements is highly desirable in these applications. The deposition of nano-structured coatings onto porous template materials is a pioneering strategy for achieving precise control over the pore structure and mechanical behaviour of porous materials 1. This project will extend this strategy by fabricating nanocomposite coatings on templates with a range of porous architectures, characterising the evolution of pore structure and mechanical behaviour with increasing coating thickness, and establishing predictive models for the experimental results. Template materials will include porous lattice materials, with ordered architecture and produced via additive manufacturing, as well as stochastic foam materials with varying pore structure and anisotropy. The work will seek to produce lighter, stiffer, and stronger porous materials, explore the range of achievable properties for nanocomposite-coated porous materials, and provide predictive tools for producing materials with pre-determined structure/properties according to specific application requirements.

The successful candidate should have completed an honours degree in mechanical/aerospace/materials engineering or related subject. Knowledge or experience in the areas of mechanical behaviour of materials, materials processing and chemistry, porous materials (structure and mechanical behaviour), materials characterisation, mechanical testing, designing/commissioning laboratory equipment, and experimental methods are desirable.

1 Ziminska, M., Dunne, N., Hamilton, A. R. Porous Materials with Tunable Structure and Mechanical Properties via Templated Layer-by-Layer Assembly. ACS Appl Mater Inter 8, 21968–21973 (2016).

If you wish to discuss any details of the project informally, please contact Dr Andrew Hamilton, Materials and Surface Engineering research group, Email:, Tel: +44 (0) 2890 97 4116.   To apply, please use the following website:

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