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Estonia (EE)
Up to EUR 25000 per year + benefits
Sep 18, 2018
Nov 18, 2018
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Full Time
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Postdoctoral researcher in the field of CFD and fluid structure interaction. Position in Tallinn University of Technology.


Current efforts in the naval architecture are focused on reducing the overall weight to develop lighter, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly structural solution that reduce carbon emission. One of the challenges faced by the industry are the calculations that couple impulsive sea loads and structural response as well as the influence of hull flexibility on wave-induced loads. This requires advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculation procedures that include free surface for the prediction of: (i) flow field around the hull in calm water as well as in waves; (ii) viscous and scale effects on wave making; (iii) propeller inflow; (iv) propeller torque; (v) thrust and cavitation phenomena; (vi) seakeeping; (vii) slamming pressures; (viii) and manoeuvring. To improve the fidelity and assess the accuracy of these calculation procedures experimental validations in model-tanks are needed for phenomena such as trapped air, compressibility of fluids, hydroelasticity effects and free surface deformations. Such experiments require meticulous experimental set-up with  novel measurement techniques, e.g. particle image velocimetry (PIV), which allows reconstruction of pressure field around surfaces.


The call is open for candidates with a wide range of backgrounds. Most importantly, high level of interest and motivation towards, and deep understanding on, fluid and computational mechanics is required. A suitable background is from ship or fluid hydrodynamics, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, engineering physics, applied or computational dynamics, or related disciplines. It is of advantage when candidate has previous experience on ship model testing.

The applicant for the position must have a doctoral degree (or equivalent) obtained within 5 years from recruitment. The candidate should have a capability to lead a specific project work package, be able to participate in writing project proposals, and publish research results in internationally recognized scientific journals and conferences in the research field.

Closing Date and Start Date:

Deadline for this application is 31.12.2019. The position will be fulfilled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. 


The position is at the School of Maritime Engineering and may include some work as a teaching assistant in our courses. The expected duration of post-doctoral researcher is 2 years, but extension is possible when justified. The salary is according to the salary system of Tallinn University of Technology. 

How to apply for a post-doctoral position 

The application material includes:

  1. Motivation letter (maximum one A4 page, important: provide clear, but honest, evidence of your skills related to the job description and requirements above)
  2. CV and other proof of scientific activity (publications, conference papers etc.) 
  3. A certified copy of doctoral degree certificate and official transcript of records, and their translations, if the originals are not in English.
  4. An English abstract or summary the PhD thesis.
  5. Any other supporting documents, like recommendation letters
  6. Proof of proficiency in English or Estonian if the applicant is not a native speaker of them

All material should be submitted in English. 

Further information 

For additional information, please contact Assistant Professor Mihkel Kõrgesaar (email: