Research Fellow (Fixed Term)

From £33,199 per annum
May 08, 2019
Jun 08, 2019
Contract Type
Full Time
The School of Engineering is looking to hire a well-qualified Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to work on an industrially funded research project in the field of intelligent vehicles. The topic of the research is the motion and stability control of an 'intelligent tram', which is a multi-unit road-going tram/bus crossover. The research will focus on simulation and control system design, with the specific aim of improving the high-speed stability. The vehicle has multiple steering actuators, as well as controller yaw dampers, and it is expected that advanced techniques in chassis control will be developed and tested.

The position is scheduled to last for 16 months (until the end of September 2020). However, there are several opportunities for continuation work with one or more industrial research sponsors in the area of intelligent vehicle control.

The Research Fellow will be responsible for conducting research on the project, as directed by the Principal Investigator, and is expected to operate with a significant degree of autonomy. The primary focus will be in developing and testing control algorithms in simulation, including important aspects of signal processing, state estimation etc. There is likely to be scope to participate in vehicle testing activities, which will take place in China. The post holder may be required to help supervise the work of more junior researchers, i.e. PhD and MSc students.