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Toward New Democratic Imaginaries - İstanbul Seminars on Islam, Culture and Politics

  • Benhabib S
  • Kaul V
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This volume combines rigorous empirical and theoretical analyses with political engagement to look beyond reductive short-hands that ignore the historical evolution and varieties of Islamic doctrine and that deny the complexities of Muslim societies' encounters with modernity itself. Are Islam and democracy compatible? Can we shed the language of 'Islam vs. the West' for new political imaginaries? The authors analyze struggles over political legitimacy since the Arab Spring and the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS in their historical and political complexity across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Distinguishing multiculturalism from interculturalism and understanding multiple modernities, philosophers in the volume tease out the complexities of civilizational encounters. The volume also shows how the Paris massacres or the Danish caricature controversy do not remain confined to Europe but influence struggles and confrontations within Muslim societies. Gender and Islam are addressed from a comparative perspective bringing into conversation not only the experience of different Muslim countries with Islamic law but also by analysing Jewish family law. Preface; Giancarlo Bosetti -- Acknowledgements; Giancarlo Bosetti -- Introduction: "Toward New Democratic Imaginaries. Istanbul Seminars on Islam, Culture and Politics"; Seyla Benhabib -- Part 1. Struggles Over Political Legitimacy: The Arab Spring; Al-Qaeda, and Gezi Park -- Foreword: "Contemporary Conflicts, Islam and Political Legitimacy"; Volker Kaul -- "The Public Visibility of Islam and the European Politics of Resentment. The Minaret-Mosques Debate" ; Nilüfer Göle -- "Creative Destruction': States, Identities and Legitimacy in the Arab World"; Lisa Anderson -- "After the Arab Spring"; Michael Walzer -- "Politics After Al-Qaeda"; Faisal Devji -- "Genie in the Bottle: Gezi Park, Taksim Square, and the Realignment of Democracy and Space in Turkey"; İlay Romain Örs -- "All Quiet on the Kemalist Front?" ; Murat Borovalı and Cemil Boyraz -- "Rethinking the 'Kurdish Question' in Turkey: Modernity, Citizenship and Democracy"; Fuat Keyman -- Part 2. Islam and Democracy in the Global Age -- Foreword: "Sources of Democracy in Islam"; Volker Kaul -- "The 'Others' in the Qur'an: A Hermeneutical Approach"; Nasr Abou Zayd -- "The Epistemology of Truth in Modern Islam"; Khaled Abou El Fadl -- "Democracy and Islam"; Irfan Ahmad -- "Islam: the Test of Globalization"; Abdelmajid Charfi -- "Whither Democracy? Religion, Politics and Islam"; Fred Dallmayr -- "Rethinking Religion and Political Legitimacy Across the Islam-West Divide"; Nader Hashemi -- "Islam and the West: Conflict, Democracy, Identity"; Akeel Bilgrami -- Part 3. Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Multiple Modernities -- Foreword: "Political Models Accommodating Pluralism"; Volker Kaul -- "Interculturalism or Multiculturalism?"; Charles Taylor -- "Misunderstanding Cultures: Islam and the West, "; Kwame Anthony Appiah -- "Many Cultures, one Citizenship"; Alain Touraine -- "The Constant Mediation of Resentment and Retalitation"; Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im -- "The Specter Haunting Multiculturalism"; Richard J. Bernstein -- "Reflexive Pluralism"; Alessandro Ferrara -- "The Emerging Domain of the Political"; David Rasmussen -- Part 4. Gender, Culture and Islam -- Foreword: "Gender Equality and Multiculturalism"; Volker Kaul -- "Uncrossed Bridges: Islam, Feminism and Secular Democracy"; Asma Barlas -- "Women's Problems as a 'Women's Only' Problem? Debates on Gender and Democracy in Iran"; Katajun Amirpur -- "Women's Rights in Muslim Societies: Lessons from the Moroccan Experience"; Nouzha Guessous -- "The Debate on Religion, Law and Gender in Post-Revolution Tunisia"; Amel Grami -- "Faith In Law? Diffusing Tensions Between Diversity and Equality"; Ayelet Shachar -- Index.




Benhabib, S., & Kaul, V. (n.d.). Toward New Democratic Imaginaries - İstanbul Seminars on Islam, Culture and Politics (p. 342).

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