Surgical Guide to Circumcision

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Surgical Guide to Circumcision is a compendium of the who, what, where, why, and most importantly, the how of circumcision. Given that one third of the world's males have undergone this most ancient of surgical procedures, a contemporary resource on the subject is in order. Most circumcisions are elective with no acute medical necessity; that is, most are done for cultural reasons. Thus, in addition to being a standard surgical guide for those who perform circumcision, this book is an anthology of circumcision, from its prehistoric roots to its present day admixture of religion, culture, and medicine. Surgical Guide to Circumcision is a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to the most common techniques of circumcision and addresses aspects such as informed consent, religious and cultural sensitivities, pre-exam, post-care, pain control, and prevention and management of potential complications. Written by experts in the field, Surgical Guide to Circumcision will appeal to family physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, urologists, and anyone with a general interest in circumcision. Surgical Guide to Circumcision; Copyright Page; Foreword; About the Authors; Contents; Contributors; Introduction; Prelude to Circumcision; Anatomy of Circumcision; Newborn Circumcision; Pediatric Circumcision and Adult Circumcision; Two Sides to an Argument; The Case Against Circumcision; The Case for Circumcision; Understanding Circumcision; This Book; Part I: Prelude to Circumcision; 1: Current Circumcision Trends and Guidelines; Editors' Note; Introduction; American Academy of Pediatrics; American Academy of Family Physicians; American Urological Association. Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCanadian Pediatric Society; The Royal Australasian College of Physicians; British Medical Association and British Association of Pediatric Surgeons; Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG); World Health Organization; Summary; References; 2: Informed Consent: Principles for Elective Circumcision; Editors' Note; Introduction; General Principles of Informed Consent; The Three Elements of Informed Consent; Informed Consent in the Pediatric Setting; Informed Consent for Elective Circumcision; Conclusions; References; Part II: Anatomy of Circumcision. 3: Embryology of the PenisEditors' Note; Introduction; Genital Differentiation in the Embryo; Ectodermal Versus Endodermal Theory; Prepuce; Immunology of the Prepuce; Neurology of the Prepuce; Postnatal Preputial Development and Retractibility; Conclusion; References; 4: Anatomy for Newborn Circumcision; Editors' Note; Introduction; Normal, Abnormal, and Anomalous; External Appearance and Landmarks; Ventrum, Dorsum, and Their Junctions; Coronal Sulcus; Raphe; The Penis; Corpus; Prepuce; Urethra; The Scrotum and Testes; Scrotum; Testes; Clinical Sketches; Summary; References. 5: Anatomic Contraindications to CircumcisionEditors' Note; Introduction; Anomalies and Abnormalities; Primary Penile Abnormalities; Hypospadias and Chordee; Epispadias; Micropenis; Dartos Fascia Abnormalities; Buried Penis; Penoscrotal Transposition; Penile Torsion; Penoscrotal Anomalies and Distortions; Webbed Penis; Hydroceles; Ambiguous Genitalia and Disorders of Sex Development; Finally; References; 6: Complications of Circumcision; Epidemiology of Complications; Acute Complications; Late Complications; Global Experience; Non-newborn Circumcision; Comparison of Techniques; Gomco. PlastiBellMogen; Comparison; Prevention and Management; Bleeding; Infections; Anesthetic/Pain; Glans Amputation; Penile Ablation; Denuded Penis; Incomplete Circumcision; Phimosis and Trapped Penis; Meatal Stenosis; Urethrocutaneous Fistula; Adhesions; Epithelial Inclusion Cysts; Sexual Functioning; Contraindications to Circumcision; Conclusion; References; Part III: Newborn Circumcision; 7: Pain Control in Infant Circumcision; Editors' Note; Introduction; Physiological Impact; Circumcision Technique and Pain; Pain Management Techniques; Penile Neural Anatomy; Dorsal Penile Nerve Block.




Surgical Guide to Circumcision. (2012). Surgical Guide to Circumcision. Springer London.

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