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'Out of School' ethnic minority young people in Hong Kong

  • Bhowmik M
  • Kennedy K
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of 'out of school' ethnic minority young people in Hong Kong. The focus is on the extent of the phenomena, reasons behind it and a description of 'out of school' life. Employing qualitative research methods and adopting a case study approach that involved fieldwork comprising 15 in-depth interviews and 2 observations with 11 'out of school' ethnic minority young people, this book provides detailed insights into the phenomena. Information gained from an additional 22 in-depth interviews with 20 other stakeholders related to ethnic minority education, from time spent at three schools and key document analysis are also incorporated. Drawing on critical race theory, this book presents a critical discussion of the 'out of school' issue for ethnic minority young people in a privileged Chinese context. Series Editors' Introduction; Contents; List of Abbreviations; List of Tables; List of Photo; Chapter 1: Introduction; 1.1 Our Motivation; 1.2 Background, Aims and Objectives; 1.3 Rationale: Why Focus on Ethnic Minority Young People?; 1.3.1 Gap in Literature; 1.3.2 Access and Equity in Education; Educational Rights; Equity in Education; 1.3.3 Protection Against Discrimination; 1.3.4 The 'No Loser' Principle of Hong Kong's Education Reform; 1.3.5 New Theoretical Insights; 1.3.6 Revisiting 'Education for All'; 1.4 Outline of the Book; References; Chapter 2: Literature Review. 2.1 Ethnic Diversity, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Educational Outcomes: Some Theoretical Concerns2.2 The Ethnic Minority Population in Hong Kong; 2.3 Multicultural Hong Kong; 2.4 Educational Provision for Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Issues and Challenges; 2.4.1 Education for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong; 2.4.2 Education of South Asian Ethnic Minority Groups in Hong Kong; 2.4.3 Equal Opportunities Commission's 'Education for All' Report; 2.4.4 United Nation's Concerns About the Educational Provision for Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong. 2.4.5 Legal Implications of Education for Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong2.4.6 South Asian Ethnic Minority Students' Educational Experiences and Identity Construction; 2.4.7 A Critical Review of the Issues and Challenges of Educational Provision for Ethnic Minority Students; Micro-views of the Problem; Admissions; Chinese Language; Assessment; Curriculum; Teaching; Resource Support; Supervision and Monitoring; Overall Policy Towards Multicultural Education in Hong Kong. The Efficiency of Overall Support Measures2.4.8 Some Other Promising Support Measures; 2.5 'Out of School' Issue for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong; References; Chapter 3: Theoretical Framework, Methodology and Methods; 3.1 Theoretical Framework; 3.1.1 Citizenship Discourse; Citizenship and Immigration; Temporary Migrants, Partial Citizenship and Hypermigration; 3.1.2 Migration, Minorities and Education: Understanding Culture; 3.1.3 'Out of School' Construct; Five Dimensions of Exclusion; Seven Zones of Exclusion. Adapted Extension of the Framework3.1.4 School Failure in the Developed Context; 3.1.5 School Failure in the Developing Context; 3.2 Methodology and Methods; 3.2.1 Design; 3.2.2 Paradigm; 3.2.3 Methods; 3.2.4 Participants; Schools; 'Out of school' Research Participants; Other Participants; 3.2.5 Data Collection; 3.2.6 Data Analysis; 3.2.7 Ethics; 3.2.8 Reflexivity; 3.2.9 Limitations; References; Chapter 4: 'Out of School' Ethnic Minority Young People: Multiple Data Sources, Their Meaning, and Extent of the 'Out of School' Phenomenon.




Bhowmik, M. K., & Kennedy, K. J. (n.d.). “Out of School” ethnic minority young people in Hong Kong (p. 263).

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