High Sensitivity Profiling of Chromatin Structure by MNase-SSP

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A complete view of eukaryotic gene regulation requires that we accurately delineate how transcription factors (TFs) and nucleosomes are arranged along linear DNA in a sensitive, unbiased manner. Here we introduce MNase-SSP, a single-stranded sequencing library preparation method for nuclease-digested chromatin that enables simultaneous mapping of TF and nucleosome positions. As a proof of concept, we apply MNase-SSP toward the genome-wide, high-resolution mapping of nucleosome and TF occupancy in murine embryonic stem cells (mESCs). Compared with existing MNase-seq protocols, MNase-SSP markedly enriches for short DNA fragments, enabling detection of binding by subnucleosomal particles and TFs, in addition to nucleosomes. From these same data, we identify multiple, sequence-dependent binding modes of the architectural TF Ctcf and extend this analysis to the TF Nrsf/Rest. Looking forward, we anticipate that single stranded protocol (SSP) adaptations of any protein-DNA interaction mapping technique (e.g., ChIP-exo and CUT&RUN) will enhance the information content of the resulting data. Ramani et al. describe MNase-SSP, a single-stranded DNA sequencing library preparation method for profiling chromatin structure. MNase-SSP libraries harbor diminished sequence bias and capture shorter DNA fragments compared to traditional MNase-seq libraries. Applying MNase-SSP to murine embryonic stem cells enables simultaneous analysis of nucleosomal, subnucleosomal, and transcription factor-DNA interactions genome-wide.




Ramani, V., Qiu, R., & Shendure, J. (2019). High Sensitivity Profiling of Chromatin Structure by MNase-SSP. Cell Reports, 26(9), 2465-2476.e4. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2019.02.007

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