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Philosophy is the study of questions that arise from existence, specifically those questions pertaining to knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The philosophical approach to addressing these queries is both humanistic and technical. Its technical aspects are rooted in the systematic study of subfields like logic and philosophy of science, whereas its more humanistic facets are found in the fields of ethics, aesthetics, and philosophy of the mind. The main areas of study are metaphysics and epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of the mind, logic, and aesthetics. The Western tradition is centered on the analytical, academic practices that began in ancient Greece. The distinction of an ‘Eastern’ philosophical hermeneutics is a point of sharp contention in contemporary study. Considered by some to be merely a geographical difference, there are nonetheless differences in how the concept of self has arisen in different cultures. The rules of rationality and systematic logic, however, do not change.

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  1. We are developing a dual panel breast-dedicated PET system using LSO scintillators coupled to position sensitive avalanche photodiodes (PSAPD). The charge output is amplified and read using NOVA RENA-3 ASICs. This paper shows that the coincidence…
  2. An s stage k name snowball sampling procedure is defined as follows: A random sample of individuals is drawn from a given finite population. (The kind of random sample will be discussed later in this section.) Each individual in the sample is asked…
  3. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of trickle-bed reactors with detailed interstitial flow solvers has remained elusive mostly due to the extreme CPU and memory intensive constraints. Here, we developed a comprehensible and scalable CFD…

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