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Political Science

In this subdiscipline: 31,030 papers

Discipline summary

Political science is the discipline that studies the behaviour of states and the political actors within them. It is broadly separated into international relations (IR), which focuses on interactions between states, transnational actors and inter-governmental organizations; comparative politics, with more focus on domestic processes and actors such as voting behavior and parties, or democratization and institutions; and political theory. Political science commonly interacts with other social sciences to extend the reach of its analysis, e.g. political economy, political sociology and political psychology.

Popular papers

  1. An influential conventional wisdom holds that civil wars proliferated rapidly with the end of the Cold War and that the root cause of many or most of these has been ethnic and religious antagonisms. We show that the current prevalence of internal…
  2. In an earlier attempt to analyze the nature and value of the comparative method in political research (Lijphart, 1971), I did not present an unambiguously delimited definition of it. For this shortcoming I have been justly criticized (see…
  3. Analysis of social networks is suggested as a tool for linking micro and macro levels of sociological theory. The procedure is illustrated by elaboration of the macro implications of one aspect of small-scale interaction: the strength of dyadic…