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Mendeley is a free reference manager that saves you time organizing your documents, writing papers and collaborating with peers.

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How Mendeley helps

Five things Mendeley is great for

Your research, everywhere

Securely stored and accessible across devices, Mendeley lets you search and sort your whole collection of references, documents and notes in one place - right down to the keyword you're looking for.

Read and annotate on the go

Access and read your PDFs online or offline - anytime, anywhere and on any device. Highlight and add notes directly to your documents and capture your thoughts in context.

Citation and bibliographies

Generate your citations and bibliography in the style of your choice - while you type. Compatible with Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and BibTeX.

Sharing and collaboration

Use Mendeley to share reading lists, references or full-text articles. Set up public or private groups to get feedback, tackle research assignments and write papers.

On Desktop, Web and Mobile

Used and trusted worldwide

Over 2.9 million students, ranging from undergraduates to professionals, use Mendeley for managing, writing, collaborating and promoting their research.

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Mendeley takes the pain out of your workflow allowing you to focus on the important stuff.