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  1. The larva, pupa and case of Brachypsyche sibirica (Martynov) are newly described and illustrated, together with some morphological, distributional and ecological notes. This is the first description of the immature stages of the Brachypsyche species.
  2. Males, females, larvae and larval cases of three species of Molannidae, Molanna moesta Banks, M. nervosa Ulmer and Molannodes itoae Fuller et Wiggins, are described from Japan. The female, larva and case of Molanna nervosa and the larva and case of…
  3. A new genus, Rivulophilus, of the family Limnephilidae is erected for a new species, R. sakaii, found in Japan. Diagnostic characters of the genus are provided for the adults and larvae. A description of R. sakaii is given based on the male, female,…

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