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  1. The openly religious stance of the NIH director could have undesirable effects on science education in the United States.
  2. Religious communities are playing an increasingly important role in advancing Earth Stewardship. We briefly summarize the potential of religions and religious values to support this initiative, characterizing its development and acknowledging the…
  3. Many – perhaps most – commentators on the creation story in Genesis accept the conventional scientific understanding that at least several hundred hominids formed the ancestral group which gave rise to modern humankind, treating ‘Adam’ as a metaphor…
  4. Professor R.J. Berry’s article ‘This Cursed Earth: Is ‘the Fall’ credible?’ (Scienceand Christian Belief 11:29–49, 1999) raises far-reaching questions and calls for comment.
  5. Some Christians believe that to allow room for God they must disallow room for evolution. However, aspects of the evolutionary paradigm have been established conclusively, and can be adduced to demonstrate the complementarity that exists between…
  6. Berry, R. J. (2012). Creation Care : Stewardship or What ? Science and Christian Belief, 24(2), 169–185.