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Ashutosh Arora
Hi everyone. Just joined now.. Belated Happy New year to All....I need any research paper on natural human parthenogenetically born living offspring...can
anyone help pls ?...Thanks in advance
Alice Branton
Hi friends , An interesting scientific paper i got , so i'm sharing with you guys
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lisa ab
how to backup android phone contacts to computer?
lisa ab
lisa ab Coolmuster Android Assistant could backup almost all of your android phone contacts to computer, and we can also use it to manage android phone contacts on computer easily.
30th November
Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta why do you need to make a backup on computer, when you can access all the contacts from your google contacts? All the phone contacts get synced to your google contacts.
30th November
matt cuts
matt cuts added a document to this group
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Marko Petek
We've just started a Kickstarter campaign for sciNote, the first free, open source and easy-to-use scientific electronic notebook. With sciNote you can organize your scientific data and safely store it in one place.
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Maurice Vanderfeesten
Report from OECD Science, Technology and Industry Policy Papers(2015), with the fancy title "Making Open Science a Reality" doi:10.1787/5jrs2f963zs1-en

This report tries to define open science, and then present some commonalities about open science in policy documents across the OECD countries. It has a nice executive summary.

Perhaps this can be useful for the members in this group to refer to or reuse some of the pro-open science arguments, when talking to policymakers, boards of directors, financers; more in general endorsers of your projects.

Rationales on pro-Open Science can be found in box 1.1, page 18, are based on hopes, believes and promises, based on the inversed hypothesis of the traditional situation. However being pro-open science also has a certain heroic appeal in the current zeitgeist: transparency vs secrecy. :)
Michael Strack
Another cool paper on reproducibility:

This paper (and other replication papers like it) is really just calling for a more structured approach to meta-research. Scientific progress has *always* relied on the continual testing, updating, expansion, defining and delimiting of theories and hypotheses, the interplay between different investigators and explanations as incrementally more evidence comes to light. This has, however, proceeded in an ad-hoc, patchy manner - this paper calls for a more structured approach by communicating a sensible taxonomy of replication types, with a particular focus on the blind spot created by slightly broken incentives: close replication. It's good.
Miklos Petravich
Miklos Petravich Great, thanks!
2nd November
EuroScientist magazine
Do you think that conferences should become an open access activity?

We asked Nicholas Rowe in EuroScientist magazine. In his view, if conferences were to be made virtually accessible on a global scale and their content made available via open access, this would thus enable greater exposure of information, and offer a greater potential for its use.

And you, what do you think?
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EuroScientist magazine
About Open Science, you might be interested to know that there is a Special Issue dedicated to this topic in EuroScientist, a free online magazine dealing with the issues affecting scientists and researchers across Europe:
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vikash bhardwaj
Worldwide, there is an issue of irreproducibility in life science research. In the USA alone $28 billion per year spent on preclinical research is not reproducible. Within this opinion article, I provide a brief historical account of the discovery of the Watson-Crick DNA model and introduce another neglected model of DNA. This negligence may be one of the fundamental reasons behind irreproducibility in molecular biology research. checkout Villain of Molecular Biology: Why are we not reproducible in research?
Paul Gagniuc
A 3D map of the islets of Langerhans in the human pancreas:
ed narina
Does anyone know, what are the differences between web farming and web gardening ?
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Chris Penfold
Chris Penfold spam
22nd October
BEST Journals
BEST Journals

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Chris Penfold
Chris Penfold spam
22nd October
jeroen bosman
To find out whether scholarly workflows are changing we released a 8-12 min. graphical worldwide survey charting research tool usage. It permits testing many types of hypotheses regarding the relation between tool usage and field/country/academic role/career length. Please have a look and let me know what you think of it. I wonder what you would like to know regarding the use of (web based) research/communication tools.

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Kai Geschuhn
Area-wide transition to open access is possible according to a Max Planck study: "Disrupting the subscription journals’ business model for the necessary large-scale transformation to open access"
Chris Aldrich
Chris Aldrich added a document to this group
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Chris Aldrich
Interesting article in Nature on "'Living figures' make their debut
Published chart integrates data from outside scientists." It outlines some ideas of interactive publishing.
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Tom Wright
Does anyone have experience using public data repositories such as Zenodo?
I am interested in making my raw research data available, I know that repos exist for gene sequence data etc. but I'm looking for something more general. I collect electrophysiological data from live people. I'm looking for ways to publish datasets that somehow allow linkage of raw experimental data (mainly csv files or similar) with demographic information (age, gender etc.). Obviously everything would be anonymised.
If anyone has experience of this I'd love to hear about it.
Michael Strack
Michael Strack The links at the end of this article should get you started:

There will be some general and some discipline-specific ones in there.
18th June
Stephanie Holmgren
Stephanie Holmgren Also worth checking out re3data, the Registry of Research Data Repositories - Includes over 1200 repositories
14th July
Maurice Vanderfeesten
Maurice Vanderfeesten 8 moths later... also check ... redundant to ... enjoy.
11th November
Muhammad Asif Nadeem
any one help me in research paper of computer science??
Bjorn Madsen
Bjorn Madsen What is the problem?
5th February
Fredrick Ishengoma
Fredrick Ishengoma Can you be specific? CS field is very wide
7th February

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