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Santharooban S
I want to do a study on the effectiveness of information literacy education programme. Are there any similar study?
Lourdes Cádiz Ocasio
Can we share papers for the group?
Uchendu Eugene Chigbu
Have you read "Repositioning culture for development: women and development", it is freely downloadable on Taylor & Francis website.
Santharooban S
It is interesting to meet you all in Information Literacy group
marwa duran
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Sonia Santana Arroyo
Information Literacy for Users at the National Medical Library of Cuba: Cochrane Library Course for the Search of Best Evidence for Clinical Decisions
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Huiqin Gao
What is the relationship between Scopus and Elsevier? Their interface seem so familiar. I'm trying to use "RefWorks: Scopus Edition", but they say only when my institution subscribes to both RefWorks and Scopus can I access it. I know my university subscribes to Elsevier, but cannot find Scopus in its database list.
florence Plockey
nice to meet people in my field. Hope I will enjoy joining this group
Sheridan Faletti
how do i add papers to the group?
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Michelle Hudson
Created by Michelle Hudson
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