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Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar added a document to this group
Uchendu Eugene Chigbu
Have you read "Repositioning culture for development: women and development", it is freely downloadable on Taylor & Francis website.
Paul Gagniuc
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Paul Gagniuc
Dr Vikash bhardwaj
Worldwide, there is an issue of irreproducibility in life science research. In the USA alone $28 billion per year spent on preclinical research is not reproducible. Within this opinion article, I provide a brief historical account of the discovery of the Watson-Crick DNA model and introduce another neglected model of DNA. This negligence may be one of the fundamental reasons behind irreproducibility in molecular biology research. checkout Villain of Molecular Biology: Why are we not reproducible in research?
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Kamal Hossain
Kamal Hossain Thank you for sharing information.
8th October
Cyndy Parr
Cyndy Parr added a document to this group
jeroen bosman
Who is using Authorea? Winnower? Overleaf? Scalar? Who is sharing "preprints" (need a new word for that). Who uses journals that permit inclusion of actionable items? Who is willing to experiment with peer review? To find out whether scholarly workflows are changing we released a 8-12 min. graphical worldwide survey charting research tool usage. It permits testing many types of hypotheses regarding the relation between tool usage and field/country/academic role/career length. Please have a look and let me know what you think of it. I especially wonder what you would like to know regarding the use of (web based) research/communication tools. Of course we will share results and (anonymized) data...

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Varsha Khodiyar
Varsha Khodiyar added a document to this group
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Michael Strack
Has anyone used Authorea extensively? I was pretty impressed with the web-enabled functionality of their example publication:
If you're not familiar with Authorea, they're a part of this reinvention - pretty cool feature set. Happy to describe more if people are interested.
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Luis Sanz-Menendez
Luis Sanz-Menendez added a document to this group
Aidis Stukas
How near are to to the reinvention of scientific paper?

(I feel strange using "paper" in this sentence.)
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Sandeep Goyal
Hello Everyone!
I am a Pharmacovigilance professional. I am looking for literature search softwares. Currently I am using R-Gui RISmed package for it but it can fetch articles only from Pubmed. I have installed Mendeley today only but did not find good seach options in Mendeley. If you have any idea please let me know.

Marie-Jean Thoraval
Marie-Jean Thoraval Hello Sandeep,

Did you try to search the online catalogue of Mendeley: ? There is an "Advanced search".

Did you try the "Literature Search" in Mendeley Desktop (top left)?
The advanced search options are detailed here:
8th November
Sandeep Goyal
Sandeep Goyal Hi Marie-Jean!
Thanks! I have got R-Pckages from the advance options web link. I am starting to use it now.
8th November
William Gunn
So @F1000Research wants to know what you think about reference management programs: Let them know!
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Kevin Bonham
Kevin Bonham Well, this isn't really about what we think, it's more about how we use.

So far, IMO, nothing is perfect.
1st May
Kamal Hossain
Kamal Hossain Thank you for sharing.
13th September
Derwood Harlow
If I plublish a writing or theory here or some other open access site, would this be considered Copy Right if indeed it is my own writings? Any thoughts would be helpful as I am not sure about the process. Thanks
Wellington Carvalho
Wellington Carvalho I don't know the answer, but this is not a official scientific magazine. Whatever applies to publishing content in any other website, applies here, I think. Except if otherwise established in the terms and conditions from the website (maybe it would be Mendeley's property if you publish here).
18th April
Chris Aldrich
The pop-culture website specializes in allowing users to annotate rap lyrics (with photos, videos, and text) typically to explain the "in" (aka in-the-know) cultural references made by the artists. I've just noticed that they now have an education section for annotating classical literature, poetry, primary historical documents and even scientific papers.

PLOS ONE has one sample paper to show some of the functionality:

For those interested for tangential educational uses, take a look at:
Eva Amsen
Related to reinventing the scientific paper, I've just set up a new group to collect nice examples of public referee reports, which some journals now include.
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19th October
Quentin Groom
Quentin Groom added a document to this group
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mike jennings
A blog about applying Web protocols to research findings in the US Dept of Energy
Eva Amsen
Eva Amsen added a document to this group
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19th October
Anna Furches
How useful is LinkedIn for scientists?

I'm a recent graduate and relatively new to LinkedIn. I'm interested in learning about other LinkedIn users' experiences, particularly for those in science. Has LinkedIn been professionally valuable for you? Or just another version of Facebook?

I have posted a four question survey about the utility of LinkedIn on my website. I will compile and post the results on my site and LinkedIn as they come in. Thanks in advance to any willing to take it!
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Alexis Frazier-Wood
Alexis Frazier-Wood I love that you did this :)
9th May
Anna Furches
Anna Furches Thanks! The sample size is up to 51 now (website still reflects 49 at the moment). Looking forward to doing statistical analyses once I get a few more data points. I have some theories about it's current utility for scientists, so I am really interested to see whether the data will support them.
10th May
Kay Walker
Kay Walker I have made a few professional connections but got no job in 7 years! I have had 5 small jobs through Twitter though!
13th July

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