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Tania L Rojas U
Hello everyone, I'm Tania Rojas and I am a historian. I hope this group can help me achieve my goals of historical and social research. Thank you for your acceptance. I am interested in research and methodology of the social sciences and humanities. I hope someone of the same field of work we can give tips for using this great tool.
Someone from Latin America or Spain?
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Fernando Díez
Fernando Díez Welcome Tania. I´m Fernando from Spain.
4th February
Ros Nabighah Rosli
Hi. I'm new to master research and I need more help. Hopefully I'm welcomed to this group.
Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli
Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli Welcome Ros!
30th November
Fernando Díez
Fernando Díez Welcome Ros!
2nd December
Gwenne McIntosh
Gwenne McIntosh Welcome Ros.
25th January
yaw  gyau
Hi everyone, i just joined this awesome group and i hope i am welcomed?
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Nazma Vajat
Hi. I am looking for information on theoretical frameworks. Definition, why it's important for research... Any suggestions. Thanks in advance
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Gelvazio Sakala
Gelvazio Sakala Theoretical framework basically is a group of related ideas that provides guidance to a research project. The appropriateness of a theoretical framework that a researcher uses throughout the research process is an important determinant of the researcher’s ultimate success. Theoretical frameworks provide a particular perspective, or lens, through wh...
30th July
Benson Omusonga
Benson Omusonga It is vital to note that research work is tied to some existing theories'. theory directs the variable towards the guided principles for which we have made or developed our assumptions. the study for which your about to embark is therefore geared in this direction for which such expectations is likely to adhere considering the nature of your resear...
30th July
Nazma Vajat
Nazma Vajat Thank you
31st July
Carol Billing
Carol Billing added a document to this group
siti shuhaidah abdul latir
siti shuhaidah abdul latir added documents to this group
Sue McWha
Sue McWha added documents to this group
Nivasha Ramsaran
Hi I am new to this group and I would like some help on writing a literature review.
James Hadley
James Hadley Can you be more specific as to what you need to know?

In general, a literature review is a summary of the extant research that touches on or overlaps with the research you are introducing. A good review manages to synthesise a large number of inter-related discussions in a way that both demonstrates that the researcher is fully aware of all aspect...
6th March
Bina Patel
Bina Patel Thank you James Hadley. That helps me too.
7th July
ferdi arifin
excuse me, I have a question for how to cite the source from the video conference in YouTube? thanks.
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Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson I am not sure whether any existing CSL styles can be convinced to do this correctly. I have been slowly working on a "fixed/hacked" version of some an APA CSL style for use with Mendeley, but I haven't tried it with videos yet. In any event, I suspect it _can_ be done.
13th February
ferdi arifin
ferdi arifin okay, I shall follow your suggestion. bunches of thank
14th February
Dr. Krishna Bista
Spring 2015 edition of the Journal of International Students in Higher Education is published. All digital copies are FREE of cost.
Chris Yang
Chris Yang added a document to this group
James Hadley
Say it once, say it right: Seven strategies to improve your academic writing:
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Mar Cruz Piñol
Mar Cruz Piñol added documents to this group
James Hadley
James Hadley added a document to this group
Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson added a document to this group
Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson added a document to this group
Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson added documents to this group
Alexander Luis Odicino
Hello all,

My name's Alex. I'm new to this group, new to Mendeley, and a somewhat apprentice in-archive researcher. I was hoping that some of you may have some advice and/or be able to point me in the right direction to fulfill a goal of mine.

Specifically, I was wondering if any of you have any experience persuading a university library to digitize an archival collection or pursuing funding towards that same end?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. I have been able to get scans of small portions of the aforementioned collection via my university's limited inter-library loan privileges, but, even with the extension of those privileges for the upcoming semester, I will still not get very far with a collection of this size (~13 linear feet).
Ulrich Tadajeu Kenfack
Ulrich Tadajeu Kenfack Me to, i'm new both in Mendeley and this group. I'm writing a master thesis on political history after "maquis" in Cameroon.
15th September
ferdi arifin
hallo guys, I need help you all experts here. I have a problem when I were writing for abstract. Could you all give me enlightenment such as how to write effectively in abstract. Thanks
Carl Edlund Anderson
Carl Edlund Anderson A good general rule is that your abstract should imitate the structure of your paper. So, for example, if you are writing a paper on the results of empirical research (in basically any field) that more or less follows the familiar IMRaD format, then your abstract should have a few sentences that summarize the introduction section, a few sentences t...
4th September
James Hadley
James Hadley Dr Anderson's comment above is very valuable for many of us, I think, (certainly me) to continue improving our work.

There is a page on the LSC website that reiterates some of his points and systematises them to some extent.:

Those interested might al...
20th September
michele peter
I need help with academic writing
James Hadley
James Hadley Can you be more specific?
17th July

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This is now an "Open" group. It collects published resources relating to academic writing and research -- including "how to" guides for academic writers (both students and faculty), as well as studies about/on the processes of research and of writing about research.

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