02. Library Overview

Using your library and navigating the App.

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Whenever you start the App you’ll be presented with the library overview screen. This is the starting point for finding documents in your library or groups, and is the equivalent of the left-hand column in Mendeley Desktop. At the top you will see some useful filters, which will be familiar if you’re a user of Mendeley Desktop:

  • All Documents: Every document in your private library, regardless of what folder it’s in. (Group documents do not display here).

  • Recently Added: Documents added to your library from any device in the last 2 weeks.

  • Recently Read: Documents you've opened for reading using your Mendeley account on any device or computer.

  • Favorites: Documents you’ve marked with a star on any device.

  • My Publications: The folder for papers or other publications you’ve authored. These will be attributed to you on your Mendeley Profile and in the Mendeley Web Catalog.

  • Trash: Documents you’ve moved to trash on your Android device.


The Settings menu allows you to modify the way the App behaves and also allows you to log out of your Mendeley account. You can also find Support links on a separate tab within this menu.

In the top toolbar you’ll see a search icon (circled in red in the screenshot). Tapping this icon allows you to search all documents in your library. Search icons are present throughout the interface, within folders and groups for instance, but in those cases they only search through the contents of the current folder and its sub-folders.

Currently you can search for words in the Title, Authors, Publication and Abstract fields. You can also search for tags on your documents by entering the tag name in the search field. Any items tagged with the search term you enter will be returned in the results.


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