03. PDF Reading & Annotation

Read your papers and add annotations while on the go.

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Tip: New users - if you don't have any documents in your library yet, skip forward to the section on importing documents.

We know that many people have limited space on their tablets and phones, and don't want their device filled with hundreds of PDF files. This is why we've designed the App to allow you to download only the files which you specifically request.

If you tap on 'All Documents' to open this view, you'll see that any document with a PDF attached will have a button with a grey download icon. Tap the download icon to download the PDF to your device.

When it's done, it will become a blue ‘read’ button.


Any documents with the blue button can be read whether or not you’re connected to the internet.

You can tap the ‘read’ button to open the PDF viewer - tapping anywhere else on a document cell will allow you to view the document details instead.

Once you've opened a paper for reading, you can swipe to scroll through - and orient the screen in a way that's comfortable for you.


After you’ve downloaded a few documents for reading, you can get started with adding your own notes and annotations to the paper. Just like in Mendeley Desktop, you can record your thoughts and jot down notes as necessary. Any notes or highlights you add will sync to your other computers and devices, allowing you to annotate on the go from your phone or tablet, before continuing your work on another computer.

Use the Android text selection functionality (by tapping and holding on a particular location) to select individual words, and then expand your selection using the selection cursors.

Selecting text will reveal annotation options in the top toolbar, allowing you to highlight, add a sticky note (which will also highlight your selected text) or copy the text.


If you need to free up room on your device, you can remove individual files associated with library entries. Do this by pressing the menu icon which appears next to the PDF file name when viewing a document’s details. The menu icon consists of three dots arranged vertically.

Alternatively, you can use the Settings menu to delete all of your downloaded documents.


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