04. Importing Documents

Adding new materials your Mendeley library while using the app.

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When using Mendeley on Android, you can add PDFs to your library from email clients, browsers, or other apps.

  1. Tap on a PDF in your downloads folder, or a link to a PDF in your browser

  2. Select Open in Mendeley

  3. Mendeley will download it and attempt to find matching details for the document

    1. If details are found, it will prompt you to check them, before saving the document to your library.

    2. If no details are found, you'll be prompted to enter the details manually.

  4. Tap the 'Done' icon in the top left to save.

You can manually add metadata-only references from the home screen by tapping the More icon in the top right and selecting Add Document.


Tip: Select 'Recently Added' from the library overview to easily find any documents you've added in the last 2 weeks.


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