05. Organizing Your Library

Structure your library in a way that suits your workflow.

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The Mendeley App allows you to edit the details of any paper you’ve added to your library. This allows you to manually correct any errors, to add missing information or use other Mendeley features - such as marking favorites or adding tags to references to help manage your research.

From a document list, you can ‘long press’ (press and hold) on a document to mark it as a favorite or move it to trash.

When viewing a document’s details you can find these same options by using the menu icon (represented by three dots in a vertical line) or by pressing the menu button on older devices.


From a document detail view you can also use the ‘Edit Details’ option - found via the menu icon - to amend any of that document's fields. Upon entering the edit view, all document details will be available for amendment. Simply tap the save icon in the top left of the screen to confirm your changes. Alternatively, you can ‘discard changes’ - found via the menu icon - to be returned to the document detail view without applying your edits.


You can add tags to your documents to allow you to quickly retrieve all papers relating to a specific topic assigned by you. This can be useful for grouping together materials for a particular project or paper you're working on.

To add tags to a document, scroll to the 'Tags' section of the details panel when viewing a document. Click 'Add...' to tag the document. You can either create a new tag by typing a name, or select an existing tag from the list.


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