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Now you're up and running with Mendeley for Android, please let us know how we did!

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You should now be comfortable with the basics of Mendeley for Android. We hope you enjoy using it wherever and whenever you need access to your research.

Feedback is tremendously important to us - it helps us to build better products for you to use. You can provide feedback in a few different ways:

  • Please consider rating the App via the Google Play Store. This helps us to spread the word about Mendeley.

  • If you have feature requests or ideas to make Mendeley for Android better, please submit them via our Feedback Portal. We use feedback we receive through this channel to help inform our development approach.

If you have an issue with the App, please use the Support tab of the Settings menu of the App to contact us. This allows us to gather more information about your specific device, and helps to troubleshoot any problems.

Finally - don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for real-time news and updates!


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