Using Mendeley's groups functionality helps to manage and expand your research.

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What are groups?

In addition to organising your personal research library and helping to write new papers, one of the key benefits of using Mendeley is the opportunities it offers for collaboration and discovery. Mendeley’s Groups functionality is central to this. Groups allow you to create and join teams of like-minded people. Whether you're joining colleagues working on a specific project, a professor wanting to distribute a reading list to a class or looking to join a worldwide discussion on a particular discipline, Mendeley Groups can help you achieve your goals.

  • Create, curate and grow groups of people according to your needs.

  • Control who can join and add materials to your group.

  • Use private groups to collaborate directly on materials and share full papers.

  • Join existing groups dedicated to sharing knowledge on a particular subject.

  • Discover new research and potential collaborators in your field from around the world.


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