07. Other features

Mendeley groups have many additional features - here are some of the most useful.

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Private groups

Private groups have many enhanced features designed to aid collaboration, including allowing control over membership, the sharing of full-text documents and multi-user annotation.

See our dedicated guide on private groups for more information.


Inviting new users to your group

You can easily invite new members to your group at any time using Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web.

On the Members tab you'll find an 'Invite people...' field. You can use this to search for the name of another Mendeley user you follow, or enter an email address to invite non-Mendeley users.


Changing a member's status within a group

Each user's entry on the Members tab of your group will contain a dropdown menu. You can use this menu to modify a user's status and rights within your group - or to communicate with them via message.

Use the menu to 'Transfer group ownership' to a particular user, 'Make admin' to give them the ability to administrate the group (such as approving membership applications) or to 'Remove from group' if you no longer wish a user to have access.


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