01. Login & Sync

Connect your iOS device to your existing Mendeley library, or set up a new account to start organising your research today.

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When you first load the app, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Mendeley details, which are the same email address and password you use for Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley.com.

If you’ve never used Mendeley before, tap Create account. Creating an account is done via the Mendeley website, so once you’ve received an email confirming that your account has been created, launch the Mendeley app again and Sign in.


Once you’ve signed in, the app will attempt to synchronise with your cloud-based Mendeley library. If you’re a new user, this will be quick as there’ll be nothing to sync. If you have an extensive library in Mendeley already, the app will download the details for all your library entries, folders, groups and tags and store them all on your device for viewing offline at any time.

For larger libraries the sync process could take a while the first time and we recommend being connected to Wifi for the best experience. Subsequent syncs should be much quicker. Once the sync has completed you’re free to browse your library.


The app will attempt to sync each time you open it, or whenever you press the ‘sync’ button in the bottom left. Sync on load can be disabled in Settings if you’re travelling abroad and worried about roaming data charges.

PDFs of papers and other file attachments aren’t downloaded by default during a sync, but this can be changed in Settings by enabling Sync attached files.


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