04. Importing documents

Adding new materials your Mendeley library while using the app.

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You can add new entries to your Mendeley library in a number of ways. At present, we recommend using Mendeley Desktop to add references since this greatly simplifies the process of adding multiple references, as well as allowing you to watch a folder for new files.

It’s also possible to add documents to your library directly from an iOS device once the PDF file has been opened in another app. This can be done by using the ‘Open in’ command from within the application you use to retrieve the PDF.

To add a PDF to Mendeley which has been opened from Mail (such a file sent as an email attachment), tap the open icon in the top right of your screen. You should see Mendeley listed.

To add a PDF you’ve accessed through Safari or Chrome, tap once on the PDF whilst viewing it. The ‘Open in’ option should be displayed at the top of the view and you can select Mendeley from the list of applications.


When opening a paper in Mendeley for the first time, the app will attempt to retrieve details of the paper and populate the reference automatically. This process will only take place once. Once the paper has been added to your library, it will be available on other devices or computers after syncing.

Once it's completed importing, you’ll be able to make use of the Mendeley PDF viewer right away and start reading, highlighting and annotating.


As Mendeley needs an Internet connection to check a document’s details, you need to make sure you’re online when adding a document for the first time.


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