05. Editing library entries

Update document details from within the Mendeley app.

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The Mendeley App allows you to edit the details of any paper you’ve added to your library. This allows you to manually correct any errors that you identify in the various fields, to add missing information or use other Mendeley features - such as marking favorites or adding tags to references to help manage your research.

When viewing a list of references in the app you can tap any entry to be taken to the details view. This view allows you to review the various details associated with a reference - such as the author(s), the abstract and any catalog IDs associated with the entry. It will also provide you with a URL - if your reference includes one - which can be opened in your web browser.


From this screen you also have access to a menu bar at the bottom of the screen which will allow you to sync your library, to add the paper to a folder, group or send it to trash, to mark the entry as a favorite or to share the paper via Mail or another app.


You can also add tags to a reference in order to help you organise your library. Simply tap the ‘Add Tag’ button to open the tag menu, which will allow you to type a new tag to apply to the reference, or you can select from a list of commonly used labels. If your reference already has tags, you can tap the list to use the individual items to access other papers in your library with the same tags, or to edit the tags added to the reference using the ‘Edit’ option in the top-right of the screen.


From the main document view you can also use the ‘Edit’ option to amend any of the details associated with that item. Upon entering the edit view, all document details will be available for amendment or deletion. Simply tap ‘Save’ in the top right of the screen to confirm your changes, or ‘Cancel’ in top left to be returned to the document detail view.

You can return to the parent folder from the document detail view by tapping the folder name in the top left of your screen.


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