03. Managing usage within private groups

Understanding the limitations on private groups.

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In order to ensure that private groups are used appropriately, there are a few limitations in place. It's important to understand how these can affect your usage and to ensure that you have the right solution in place for you and your team.

Creating private groups

All Mendeley users are able to create private groups, but there are limits on the number of private groups you can make.

Mendeley users with a free account can create and own a single private group. There's no limit on the number of private groups free users can join, however each private group created by a free account can only have a maximum of three members.

If you need to increase your group membership you can purchase a Mendeley team plan.


Storage within private groups

The amount of storage space available to a private group is determined by the account of the group owner. All full-text documents shared with the group contribute to the file size limit, so you should carefully monitor the volume of materials being added by members in order to ensure this limit is not exceeded.

Note that the amount of storage space associated with your account includes both documents that are stored in your personal library in addition to any documents associated with private groups you own.

For free users, the storage space limit is 2GB. This can be increased by purchasing a Storage Plan.

You can also greatly increase your group's storage allowance by purchasing a Team Plan.

Monitoring your group

To keep track of how much storage space your group is using and how much of your allowance remains, you can use the group settings. Click on the 'Edit Settings' button to access the group control panel - which will also provide you with details of your current storage.


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