01. The Newsfeed

The Mendeley Newsfeed keeps you up to date and informed.

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The Mendeley Newsfeed

When you first log into Mendeley, you'll be greeted with the Newsfeed. This is our way of showing you updates from around your network and providing you with new content.

We'll always provide a starting point, but the service will improve as you use Mendeley. Connect with other researchers, add documents to your personal library and check back regularly in order to get the most out of your newsfeed.

See below for an overview of the interface:

  1. Mendeley logo – Click this at any time to be returned to your newsfeed from anywhere on the Mendeley site.

  2. Feed – Access your newsfeed.

  3. Library – Access your Web Library.

  4. Suggest – Access personalized reading recommendations provided by Mendeley Suggest.

  5. Stats – If you’re a published author, you can use Mendeley Stats to assess your impact.

  6. Groups – Start collaborating with other researchers by creating and joining Mendeley groups. See our dedicated guide for more details.

  7. Data – Publish your research data online, and share it with the world – or with selected collaborators.

  8. Search – When you click into the search field, it will expand to offer you several options:

    • Papers – Search Mendeley’s Web Catalog of research papers.

    • People – Find other researchers on Mendeley, view their profile and connect with them.

    • Groups – Look for public groups to join.

    • Support – Get assistance with a query or problem.

  9. Notifications – When other Mendeley users interact with your newsfeed activity you’ll receive alerts, which allow you to respond or react.

  10. Your profile – Click on your first name, or your profile picture, to access your personal Mendeley profile.

  11. Settings – Use this dropdown menu to access settings and privacy options. You can also use this menu to log out of your Mendeley account.

  12. Newsfeed posts – Your newsfeed provides a stream of updates from around your network. The more you use Mendeley, and the more you grow your personal network by following other users, the more relevant these posts will be.

    Your newsfeed can contain the following types of post:

    • New Connection – See when one of your contacts becomes connected with another Mendeley user.

    • Blog posts – Read the latest updates from the Mendeley blog.

    • Profile updates – If one of your contacts has a new position or education milestone, you’ll see a post in your newsfeed.

    • Suggestions – Receive personal reading recommendations, powered by Mendeley Suggest.

    • New publications – See when one of your contacts adds a new personal publication to their profile.

    • Document added to group – See when another member of a group you’ve joined shares a new reference with that group.

  13. Social buttons – Use these buttons to interact with posts that appear on your newsfeed. You can Like, to show your appreciation, Comment, to add your thoughts to the discussion or Share, to republish the post to your own newsfeed for your own followers to see.

  14. Post action – When viewing a post, you'll see a number of associated action buttons. These actions will vary depending on the type of post you're viewing. In this example the post is a new connection, so the post action allows you to easily follow your contact’s new connection.

    For suggestions, new publications and documents added to a group, the action allows you to add the references to your personal library.

  15. Sidebar – This area is used to provide tips and announcements. Keep an eye out for new developments and features being posted.


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