02. Web Library

The Web Library allows you to access your Mendeley library from your browser at any time.

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Web Library

The Web Library provides you with access to your personal library of references from your browser, allowing you to add new documents, download your documents and manage your collections online. You can use it in conjunction with Mendeley Desktop (see our dedicated guide to Mendeley Desktop) or on its own.

Note: If using Mendeley Desktop, remember to Sync frequently in order to ensure that everything in your Mendeley account is always available everywhere you access Mendeley. Web Library syncs automatically every time you make a change, so there's no need to manually sync.


Add documents

You can add new papers to your Mendeley library using the Web Library. From the main library view, find the blue 'Add' button which appears in the top right of your screen. Choose 'Add file(s)...' to upload a paper from your computer.

Mendeley will automatically retrieve details of the document once uploaded. You can then review and amend these details as required.

Alternatively, you can use 'Add entry manually...' to create a new library entry by entering a document's details by hand.


Organize Your Library

Just like in Mendeley Desktop, you can make use of Folders and Groups to help structure your library.

Folders are used to filter the library view to only include items that have been stored under a specific folder name. When viewing your Web Library, you will see any folders you've already created (in Mendeley Desktop, for example) listed in the left-hand menu. You can create a new folder using the 'Create Folder...' option, or by using the blue 'Add' menu.

Add papers to a folder by clicking on them in the main panel, and pressing the 'Add to' button which appears at the top of the center panel. Choose the appropriate folder using the popup menu which appears.

Groups allow you to share resources with other Mendeley users. For more information, see our dedicated guide to groups.


Import content with the Web Importer

Save online content directly to your Mendeley account with the Mendeley Web Importer. This tool scans your current browser window for references, and presents you with its findings.

Google Chrome users can install our brand new browser plugin. Other browser users can use our 'bookmarklet' importer, which is added to the Favorites or Bookmarks menu.


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