08. The Mendeley Web Catalog

With well over 300 million documents, finding and adding papers to your library is easy.

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What is the Web Catalog?

The Mendeley Web Catalog is a collection of all the references added to personal libraries by Mendeley users. References are anonymised - meaning that there is no way to connect a catalog entry with a specific user - and then processed. This process compares the various versions of a reference added by different users in order to build a canonical version of that reference.

Over time, as more users add their own version of a reference, Mendeley is able to improve and correct its canonical version. This helps to build a cross-publisher, cross-discipline collection of references that are constantly refined and improved. Mendeley makes these references available - as well as providing detailed readership statistics - via the Web Catalog.

Accessing the Web Catalog

You can search for a reference using the search tool that appears in the main toolbar on Mendeley.com. Enter a keyword and press the 'Search' button. You can now browse the results to find relevant references. Use the 'Save reference' link to quickly add a reference to your library, or click on the reference's name to view its details - including readership statistics.

When viewing a reference, use the 'Get full text at journal' link to be taken to the original publisher's site. If you have the appropriate access you should then be able to retrieve a full-text copy of the paper, which you can add to your Mendeley library using the Web Importer. Remember that you may have access to publishers and repositories via your school's library.


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