03. Complete your profile

Mendeley profiles allow you to connect with others and to promote your work and interests to the rest of the world.

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Interface overview

Your profile on Mendeley is how you communicate who you are and what you’ve done as a researcher on the Mendeley network. Rather than a typical social networking profile, your Mendeley profile focuses on your scholarship.

The more information you share on your profile, the better your Mendeley experience will be. For example, adding your research interests (see below) will allow Mendeley Suggest to provide more specific recommendations for papers that you should read (see 05. Mendeley Suggest) as well as allowing potential collaborators to get a sense of what you’re about.



  1. Navigation toolbar – Use this toolbar to access other Mendeley features and services. See 01. The Newsfeed for more details.

  2. Profile picture – Replace the placeholder image as soon as you can: adding a photo of yourself makes it easier for other Mendeley users to find and connect with you. Adding a photo on average gets you nearly five times as many profile views!

    Click on the image to start the process of uploading a new picture.

  3. Personal details – Some of these fields will be completed for you, using the information you provided when you created your Mendeley account.

    You can amend them at any time by using the 'Edit' button that appears next to them on your profile.

  4. Follow – This button only appears to you on other users' profiles andallows you to 'follow' them. This will mean that you see updates from them in your Newsfeed.

  5. Message – This button only appears to you on other users' profiles and allows you to send them a direct message.

  6. Publication statistics – These statistics are displayed for users who have claimed their Scopus Author Profile to get their Mendeley Stats. For more details, see 06. Stats.

  7. Research interests – Fill in your research interests to provide an 'at a glance' summary of the topics in which you're interested. Use the 'Edit' button that appears next to this area when viewing your profile.

    Research interests help to power the recommendations provided to you by Mendeley Suggest. See 05. Mendeley Suggest for more details.

  8. About – Use this section of your profile to describe yourself and your work to other Mendeley users.

  9. Followers and Following – These sections show the other Mendeley users that you follow and those users that follow you.

  10. Publications - Adding your publications to your profile allows you to publicize your work to a global audience. You can add your publications to the My Publications folder in Mendeley Desktop or Web Library, or upload them directly via your profile. You can also add the entire contents of your Scopus Author Profile in one batch - see 06. Stats for more details.

Aim for 100%

Mendeley provides a quick visual indicator of your completion progress. Fully completing your profile will allow you to get the most out of Mendeley's social features.

Keep your profile up to date as you progress in your career - for example, if you change institutions or if you are appointed to a new position. This will ensure that your contacts have the most current information about you and can make informed decisions about potential collaboration.


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