04. Grow your research network

Connect with other researchers from around the world to collaborate, exchange ideas and stay up to date.

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Follow other Mendeley users by clicking the 'Follow' button that appears on their profile, or next to their name in search results. You should follow people friends, colleagues, or other researchers who have interesting work. Following can lead to collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Actions and events for users that you follow will show up in your newsfeed. This allows you to stay up to speed with your contacts' professional progress and publishing activity.

Find new contacts via profiles

When viewing a Mendeley's user profile you can find lists of their followers and the users that they follow themselves. This can offer a quick way to grow your own network.

Click the 'Follow' button that appears next to their name to start following them. Use the 'Explore network' link to view a full list of followers.



Use people search

Click 'Search' on the main Mendeley toolbar and choose the 'People' option. Enter the name of the researcher you're looking for and press the 'Search' button. If your intended contact has a Mendeley profile, it will be returned in the list of results.

Press the 'Follow' button that appears next to their name to start following them. You can also use the dropdown menu to send them a message, or click through to view their profile.


Find new contacts in groups

Joining Mendeley groups allows you to quickly connect with other Mendeley users. Click on the 'Members' tab when viewing a group via mendeley.com to view the list of other people who have joined the group. From here, you can click a user's name to view their profile and follow them.

See our dedicated guide to groups for more details on finding, creating and managing groups.


Manage your privacy

Your privacy is important, so we've allowed you to control who you connect with on Mendeley. You can access the privacy settings menu using the Settings dropdown menu that appears next to your profile picture on the main toolbar.

You can use this menu to modify who has access to parts of your profile. You can also choose to prevent anyone from being able to follow you without your approval.


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