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Conducting Initial Research

Starting a research project can be overwhelming. Mendeley simplifies every step in the process, from search and discovery to reading and analysis.

1. Search for research

2. Organize research

3. Read and collect thoughts

Search our open catalog of 30M+ papers, or import references from other online databases.

Create a Mendeley library to sort and organize all the research you come across in a way that suits your workflow.

Highlight and annotate in the Mendeley Desktop PDF Viewer to keep track of ideas, plan research and design experiments.

Writing a paper, review or grant proposal

How much time do you spend formatting articles for publication?
Generate citations and bibliographies and change citation styles with a few clicks!

1. Compile your bibliography

2. Organize your references

3. Cite and write

Search our open catalog of 30M+ papers, import references from other online databases and add files from your hard drive.

Create sub-folders and tags for different projects that you are working on.

Mendeley has plug-ins for Word, LibreOffice and BibTeX. We cover thousands of citation styles and you can even create your own.

Submitting a dissertation for review

Say goodbye to endless e-mail chains, indiscernible markups and thousands of printed sheets of paper. Submitting draft work is as simple as setting up a private group.

1. Create a private group

2. Invite advisors and reviewers

3. Track and respond to commentary

Create a private group to share your draft dissertation and associated references with all of your advisors in one place.

Invite your advisors and committee members to join so that everyone has easy access to all documents and references, all the time.

Your advisors can annotate your draft, and you can respond in real-time - so much easier than keeping track of multiple responses!

Identifying Collaboration Partners

Everyone talks about collaboration, but how can you really find like-minded researchers to work with? Log onto Mendeley and get access to over 1 million researchers worldwide.

1. Build your Researcher Profile

2. Search the people directory

3. Join/follow interesting groups

Create a profile on Mendeley and index your publications so that other users can get a quick snapshot of who you are.

Find colleagues online and add them to your network, by searching our directory for people, topics and disciplines.

Identify potential collaborators by scanning the member profiles of groups that interest you.

Managing your curriculum

Doling out reading assignments has never been easier.
Simply add references to your group so your class gets updated in real-time.

1. Create a public group

2. Add course materials

3. Communicate with your class

Create an invite-only public group on Mendeley to share reading assignments and communicate with your class.

Add your syllabus, class lectures, slideshows and other course material to the private group.

Send out course announcements, provide insights and respond to questions.

Promoting yourself and publishing research

Making your mark in your field is an important part of being a researcher. Mendeley tracks your readership and lets you share your profile with the larger community.

1. Build your researcher profile

2. Embed your profile elsewhere

3. Track your readership

Create a profile on Mendeley and index your publications so that more people can find, read and cite your work.

Add links to your Mendeley profile on personal web pages, blogs and e-mail signatures.

Mendeley shows you how many readers and downloads your publications get over time.

Promoting journal content

Need another channel to promote your journal's latest articles through? Mendeley opens you up to over 1 million users, keen to discover your latest content.

1. Create a public group

2. Add a table of contents

3. Promote it: Mendeley and beyond

Adding your journal's references to your own public group is a great way to promote your content to our network of users for free.

Keep your group current by updating the table of contents for every issue.

Public groups have no cap on followers so you can reach anyone in the world!

Lewis Chuang
"Mendeley is indispensable to my work. I am stunned by the impact it has had on my organization and my thinking."
Lewis Chuang
Ph.D. Student

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