How it works

  1. Drag the "Save To Mendeley" button to your bookmarks toolbar

    or right-click the "Save To Mendeley" button and choose to add this link to your bookmarks.

    Save to Mendeley

  2. Find an article

    Search for articles in a wide variety of sites, such as those listed below.

  3. Click the "Save to Mendeley" bookmark

    Click the "Save to Mendeley" bookmark you just created, and the article details will display on the right hand side of the page.

  4. Review the details and Save

    If the details look ok, click the "Save" button.

    Next time you sync Mendeley Desktop, any newly saved articles will appear in the "Recently Added" section.

Supported sites

In addition to these sites, we also support importing metadata from COinS and metatags. If you wish to add Mendeley Web Importer support for your site, please refer to the information for publishers guide

Note: As these third party sites update regularly, we cannot guarantee that importing will work 100% of the time.