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Aabir Mahn


      ......The very idea of life implies death and very idea of pleasure implies pain.The lamp is constantly burning out, and that is life.If you want to live, you have to die every moment for it.Life and death are only different expression of the same thing looked at from different standpoints.They are falling and rising of same wave.I know it sounds weired.But I also know now that you can fully understand this little truth.After all,all the events in life would be beamed to one end.That is the terminal point of life-the death. That is why,you know,Aabir,you must learn to live life the way it is most desired.You must chisel away every bit of bad things in your life and make it the most wonderful stuff.You cannot do everything.But you can do something.Just because you cannot do everything,you must not stop doing something that you can do.As the years go by,people have lost their value that they can barely hold themselves in the society.You must learn to struggle out,to drag on, to pull on and live on.There are solutions to the problems you face.As always,life's problems have a ready plasticity that lends itself generously to becoming an opportunity.So welcome the problems in your life. Study hard,be good,live life purposefully.Do not waste your time on something useless. I have all my good wishes and warm regards, (signatured) TSHERING DORJI PRINCIPAL GASELO H.S.S.