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Abdallah Al-Hakim

  • Post-doctoral research fellow
  • Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
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I received my B.Sc. from the University of Toronto where the focus of my studies was molecular and cellular biology. I proceeded further with my scientific training by undertaking a M.Sc. pharmacology at the university of Toronto where I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Schimmer. During my M.Sc. studies, I characterized the role of adenylyl cyclase 4 in ACTH hormone signalling pathway in adrenocoritical cell lines. My work contributed to two publications as a first author. In attempt to change my scientific environment and face new challenges, I decided to move to the UK and start my PhD in the laboratory of Dario Alessi at the MRC protein phosphorylation Unit. During my PhD work, I developed my skills in biochemistry and applied them in studying a family of an uncharacterized kinases termed the AMPK-related kinases. I made significant contributions to our understanding of these kinases and the work was published in two highly respected journals. Following my studies, I decided to head back to Toronto to start my post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Dan Durocher at the Samuel Lunenfeld research institute. Currently I am managing 3 projects in the laboratory which involve a variety of different proteins such as helicases and E3 ligases. I expect two of the projects to reach fruition by the end of the year and get published. Recently, I have developed a keen interest in the area of venture capital and I am actively learning more about it. To this end, I have been invited by Professors Jim DeWilde and Brian Silverman to attend a Venture capital strategy course at the Rotman business school. I am also member of the toronto biotechnology initiative which has provided a great opportunity to learn about the current status of biotechnology in the Toronto region. I am continuing to network with many members in the venture capital community as well as the biotech community to further enhance my knowledge in these fields.

Publications (1)

  • The RIDDLE Syndrome Protein Mediates a Ubiquitin-Dependent Signaling Cascade at Sites of DNA Damage

    • Stewart G

Professional experience

Post-doctoral research fellow

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

November 2007 - Present


PhD Biochemistry

University of Dundee

February 2004 - November 2007(4 years)