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Abhijit Asad


      The happiest and luckiest guy in the universe. :D The first sixteen of the 'Favourite Quotations' listed on this page are my 'prime directives'. If you don't exist in my life, it's only because I don't exist in yours. Or because I don't yet know that you exist. Or because I really don't want to exist in your life, possibly because I really don't like you. Take your pick. WARNING: Before you add me, ask yourself first: do you know me? Have you ever talked to me? Has a mutual friend ever told me about you (or, in certain cases, ever told you about me)? I won't add you just for the sake of 'networking'. If I add you, know that I have at least one serious reason behind doing so. Don't add me just because you want to fatten your Facebook friend list and feel good about your self-perceived popularity.