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Acacia Graddy-Gamel

  • Digital Video Specialist
  • Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning


    How many different status/about me sections does one website need? Expanded political views: I believe that public sector unions need serious overhaul and the elimination of pensions. I believe that civil unions should only be granted by the state and marriages only granted by religious organizations, regardless of the gender of the participants. I believe that universal health care is the responsibility of the government and that in the long run that will make it cheaper. I believe in welfare reform. I believe that social security won't be around when I need it so I'm saving up on my own and that in the long run it would be better if the government made that easier. I believe in cutting our defense budget by just 10% and exceeding our MDG commitments, because if we do that, in 25 years we won't need the rest of the defense budget. I believe that public universities should be fully funded to qualified students and that the school year should be extended. I believe that reproductive rights are essential and that abortion should be, in the words of Bill Clinton, "safe, legal and rare". I believe the best way to accomplish this is to drastically increase funding for sex education in schools. I believe that immigration is what makes this country great. I believe that marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed and I believe that fast food and soda should be taxed as a health hazard as well. I strongly support the Second Amendment, but I still wonder why you need a gun before a 72 hour waiting period has elapsed. I believe in the First Amendment, and wonder why you don't respect it when I use mine. I believe in a staunch separation of church and state, but that public school kids should have to do an unbiased unit on comparative religion to understand the world around them. They would also benefit from learning geography. I believe in social democracy as the greatest form of government currently available. I believe that the free market is a myth concocted by people who've never read any economics. I believe that climate change is not a myth and that the government should be helping industry come up with alternative energy sources to defeat our dependence on foreign oil, not drilling into ANWR. I believe that America has never lived up to its ideals, but I would love to help it try because I love my country, even if I am an agnostic elitist. I compose spontaneous limericks and occasionally do a five minute Monty Python sketch medley. Sometimes in elevators. Also, I've never lost a sock while doing laundry.

    Professional experience

    Digital Video Specialist

    Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

    July 2008 - Present

    Freelance Book Reviewer

    Publishers Weekly

    March 2007 - Present

    Freelance Audio/Video Specialist

    Self Employed

    September 1999 - Present