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Adam Morgan

  • Ph.D. Chemistry
  • PhD
  • University of Warwick
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Research interests

Motile particles Colloids in food Colloidal synthesis Silane sol-gel chemistry Biomimetics Sustainable chemistry Hollow and core@shell nanoparticles Pickering stabilization Alternative fuels Opacity modifiers


I am a colloid scientist undertaking my final year of doctoral research at Warwick University, where I have been since 2005 when I started my undergraduate degree. My research takes place in the Bon Lab in conjunction with Dr. Stefan Bon, and my focus is predominantly on the synthesis and application of hollow silica nanoparticles. I have experience in working with and investigating various types of emulsions (O/W, W/O, Pickering, mini-), interfacial phenomena, motile colloidal particles, opacity modifiers, low density liquids, and sol-gel/silane chemistry. In conjunction with a colleague from the Warwick Business School we have developed a prototype biofuel that has less harmful emissions and better performance properties than kerosene, which is a cause of major health problems in various informal settlements around the world. We are currently raising capital to push our project into a pilot stage in South Africa. In my spare time I enjoy making things out of other things, breakdancing, cooking, learning new things via MIT OCW, and trying to train our rabbits to play scrabble.

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Publications (4)

  • Chemotaxis of Catalytic Silica-Manganese Oxide “Matchstick” Particles

    • Morgan A
    • Dawson A
    • Mckenzie H
    • et al.
  • High internal phase agar hydrogel dispersions in cocoa butter and chocolate as a route towards reducing fat content(COVER)

    • Skelhon T
    • Olsson P
    • Morgan A
    • et al.
  • Understanding the multiple orientations of isolated superellipsoidal hematite particles at the oil–water interface

    • Morgan A
    • Ballard N
    • Rochford L
    • et al.
  • Quiescent water-in-oil Pickering emulsions as a route toward healthier fruit juice infused chocolate confectionary

    • Skelhon T
    • Grossiord N
    • Morgan A
    • et al.

Professional experience


University of Warwick

September 2009 - Present



University of Warwick

September 2005 - Present