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Adin Burroughs


      Dabbler in all things aural, part time explorer, part time philosopher, part time counselor, full time student of life... I was once a boy, an explorer and a flyer. Now my wings have been cut but the ice and the peaks beckon me whenever I open my eyes. I created whole languages out of the aether, enabling those who were blind to see -- the world not as it is, but as it is perceived. Seeing the waters, with the fish swimming in the bathtubs, I ran, back to the parched peaks, where my spirit soared, though my body slowed. Prone sometimes, vertical othertimes, the aspens whisper as the days pass. The cottonwoods answer with their seed flying in the air. I stumble on the bridge, betwixt both, their discourse washing over me. It may take aeons, but the messages are heard, the lessons taught, and the world percieved melds with the world as-is.