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Adriana Di Biase

  • Ph.D. Candidate
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Research interests

- culture studies - translation pedagogy - corpus linguistics - Italian language - Italian culture


Adriana Di Biase is a PhD fellow in Translation Studies at Kent State University. She has pursued two MAs, one in Technical-Scientific translation from Aldo Moro University (Bari, Italy), and one in translation, and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from the School of Higher Education in Interpreting and Translation (SSIT - Rome, Italy). She also earned her bachelor’s degree in interpreting from Gabriele D’Annunzio University (Pescara, Italy). Adriana has worked as an interpreter and translator for the courthouse of Foggia (Italy), the aviation corporation The Boeing Company, as well as for the Italian Commissions for Refugees and Asylum Seekers sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs and UNHCR. Adriana is currently teaching Italian, Spanish and intercultural communication as part of her fellowship at Kent State University. She is also a free-lance translator and a member of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies. Her research interests include: culture studies, intercultural communication, translation pedagogy, corpus linguistics, AVT, Italian language and culture.

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