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Alexa Ellis

  • Christine's Crossing


    At a party on the hill i popped a pill threw back a shot and started to chill I love to meet people and explore the world around me. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, but I am not a small town girl. I am not shy and I love to have fun. - I have dreams. I intend to pursue and achieve. The most important thing to know in life is yourself. I have Faith. Filipina Greek Spanish Italian French I am proud of my history and my family. My family always drives me insane, and I love them for it. I will not conform to society and its divisiveness. I strongly dislike cliche stylistic qualities. I want to break the mold. I believe in unity of religions, nations and races. I do not believe in World Peace- I believe in World Harmony. Everything: death, birth, sorrow and happiness all occurring in equal ratio to eachother. God is my strength. Although I go through phases, He is always there. I have confidence in our relationship. Soccer is not just a sport for me. It is an outlet to demonistrate my artistic and passionate characteristics. I love it. The pain of losing only breeds the yearning for success. My biggest growth was after a huge failure. One ♥

    Professional experience

    Christine's Crossing

    May 2009 - Present